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Anti-Spam Policy

By creating an account, you agree to our Anti-Spam Policy


LiveOption ltd. has a ZERO tolerance spam policy. We respect the privacy of and are dedicated to protecting the rights of all our users. We vigorously oppose the sending of unsolicited e-messages (Spam) and will make every effort to enforce our strict Anti-Spam Policy.

LiveOption ltd. does NOT allow anyone to use our products or servicesfor the purpose of sending spam, nor do we allow our products or services to be referencedin spam.We encourage our users to use our products and services as long as they abide by our Terms and Conditions and our Anti-Spam Policy. Spam is strictly against our Terms andConditions. Any user found to be using our products or services for spam their account willbe immediately terminated.

Definition of Spam

Spam is ANY and ALL unsolicited email or alternative electronic messages. Any promotion, information, or solicitation sent to a person without their DIRECT prior consent is spam. The following are some examples of spamming that violate our Anti-Spam Policy:
• Any e-message sent to a recipient who had previously signed up to receive newsletters, product information, or any other type of e-message, but later opted-out by indicating tothe sender they no longer wish to receive additional e-messages.
• Any e-message sent to recipients that have had no prior association with the sender or did not DIRECTLY agree to be contacted by the sender.
• Any e-message sent to recipients obtained from "opt-in" lists with whom the sender hasno prior association.
• Any e-message sent to a recipient without a clear way for a person to opt-out or request future messages not be sent to them.
• Any e-message that does not have a valid reply-to address.

What is Not Spam

A message is NOT spam if the recipient directly requested information be sent to them from the sender or the sender's organization, and that recipient has not subsequently asked for removal from their list.

Spam Filtering

We use spam filter software, our messaging systems automatically filter-out messages thatappear to be spam. However, from time to time legitimate messages will be filtered-out byour systems, if you believe this has happened to a message you have sent please contact us by other means.

Policy Changes

We may update this Anti-Spam Policy from time-to-time by posting a new version on our website. You should check this page occasionally to ensure you are happy with anychanges.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Anti-Spam Policy, or if you want to report a violation please contact us at: [email protected].